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María Díaz is the Founder of Crowns Ministries, a nonprofit serving individuals to fulfill their purpose in life and flourish in all areas, and exceptional attention to women who lived abusive relationships. She is a bilingual Certified Professional Life Coach, and Strengths Champion Certified Coach, and International Speaker. Master's degree in Counseling and Guidance, and a BA in Social Work with over 27 years of combined experience. As part of her master's degree, she published investigative research on How the Relationship with a Father figure impacts selecting a future spouse.


María has invested her passion in the private sector, education, nonprofit organizations, and government. First Latina as Management Intern for Prince William County, VA, and liaison with the Hispanic community. Contributor as a developer of new initiatives like a Lay Counseling office in Northern Virginia of a multicultural church. Toastmasters International granted her awards as competent, inspirational, and presenting the best speeches to the audience. She has served as a Mentor of Counselors, Social Workers, and Coaches, as a board member of educational programs and translator in different capacities.


She has developed workshops, messages, and teachings for professionals, women in transition, and immigrants in the USA. In addition, her professional and life development enables her to work with people of all ages and multicultural backgrounds to advance in their professional and personal interests, including couples. Her vision and mission are to see a world where individuals and women who lived in abusive relationships rediscover themselves, achieve their purpose in life and gain wholeness as they enhance their awareness with coaching skills and biblical principles. Her axiom for the nonprofit is "Rediscover yourself, Reflect it, Lend a hand." She enjoys arts and working on artistic projects and venues related to nature.

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